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This site is created by two persons without anybody's support, without financial or other support and help. All the site materials are published by the very participants of the discussed situation, all rights for site materials belong to the site authors and any publication of any materials is not allowed by us. Mention of the situation described in this site in any way is possible only in agreement with the authors.

Why so strict precept right from the first lines to impossibility of using site materials (and any other materials mentioned here as well)? We have already suffered a great deal from press and other people who do not understand and do not wish to understand our situation. We are just afraid of that we will be dragged through the mire again with impunity, mixed with dust and trampled with feet.But we can not keep silence any more.

The very idea of creating of our site is as follows: if we keep silence, if we again do not let people just get know the truth, so, in very short period there will be nobody to reminisce us. If we keep silence - we will die. Not according to our desire or mens but according to mens of those people who are interested very much in that no one gets know the truth. The truth about those things which happened and happen to us.

Whether to us only... Whether not to all people living now in Russia and escaping for help to Sweden (not only to Sweden but to any country of Europe or world). Nobody of them will tell anything, never, however if he attempts to tell a word he will be quickly "persuaded" to keep silence.

We are not the most fearless persons but our chance - chance to survive - we see in that NOT TO KEEP SILENCE!

We hope that our site will be more useful for you than it may seem at first glance.


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